Shows this week: 

Tuesday, April 17th, Miller Time Pub and Grill in Milwaukee, 9-12

Thursday, April 19th, Miller Time Pub and Grill in Milwaukee, 9-12

Friday, April 20th, w/Julie Thompson at O'Riley and Conway's in Janesville, 8-11

Saturday, April 21st, Rox Bar in Waukesha, 8-11 

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The new CD "Summer" is here! Go to the CDs page. Scroll down for the video.

Lift You Up VIDEO

Let's Ride

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The music video for the song 'Summer':

Driving Through the Storm

New!!! I Am Alive VIDEO.

Living the Dream - Watch!

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"I consider this song (Lift You Up) one of my favorite EVER. Do I sound excited about this song?" Julie Anne Lovely Thompson, JulieVoice Music 

"Let's Ride is a biker anthem!"

Download the new CD now!

Blood and Beer and Poetry, the new CD by singer/songwriter/producer Dean Richard is now available. This CD features 10 new Blues-Rock and Adult Contemporary songs showcasing performances by renowned studio musicians Tammy Rogers-King, Jimmy Nichols, Troy Lancaster, Larry Beaird, Eli Beaird, Tim Grogan, Smith Curry, and more! The album is available in both physical and digital versions in the music store, as well as at Download versions are available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, and all major digital music distribution sites. To preview or purchase songs, click here: The CD
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Dean Richard

Dean Richard is back with his new CD entitled “Blood and Beer and Poetry”. On this effort Dean expands as a musician, adding gritty slide guitar to the vocals, guitar, and harmonica that he has played on past recordings. On this CD retains the reins as producer, and utilizes some of Milwaukee and Nashville's finest studio musicians to bring the songs to life. The CD showcases a diverse blend of 10 songs that include hard-edged blues-rock, funky jazz, and even the uplifting and inspirational.

A long-time veteran of the music scene, Dean Richard began his career by spending 17 years playing full-time on the small club circuit, doing as many as 250 shows per year. Those years of experience show in the depth of the songs and the musicianship of the recordings that he continues to write and record. He honed his engineering and producer chops during that period, when he also had a home-based recording studio that churned out several local hit songs in his home town of Madison, WI in the 80’s and 90’s. After a long hiatus to focus on fatherhood and being a parent to his two sons, eight years ago Dean began playing in the Milwaukee band Incognito, which he did for five years. Since then he has played harmonica, guitar, and sang in the Milwaukee band ‘The Booze Brothers’ as well as working on his solo projects. “Blood and Beer and Poetry” is the first CD to come out of those solo efforts.