1. Let's Ride
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The highway's calling, and it sounds like freedom. Let's ride.


Let's Ride

C'mon baby, get on the back
Let's go out for a ride
The highway's calling and
It sounds like freedom
The feeling can't be denied
We feel free, beneath the wind and the sky
Just you and me and a bike
Look to the sky, babe, look to the sky
C'mon baby let's ride

It sounds like thunder, a heavy rumble
Feel the engine roar
Vibrating power between our legs
It's a rush for sure
It makes me high, so very high
When we throttle it up
If we had wings we would be taking off
I think we're starting to fly
And I need to fly, babe, I need to fly
C'mon baby let's ride


You look so good, you look so fine
Dressed in that little tank top
There’s something about leather and lace…
Now hold on tight ‘til we stop

My engine’s running, you got it running
You got me running hot
You got me going now, let’s keep it going now,
We’re never gonna stop (Chorus)