1. Lift You Up
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A healing song. Yes, there is unhappiness and hurt all around, but you can let the music lift you up and away from it. The song features a beautiful and haunting violin track by Tammy Rogers-King.


Lift You Up

This is a song for the heavy hearted
For all the ones unlucky in love
I'll share your pain, I'll feel your sorrow
Come with me, let me lift you up

There is a place where your heart is free
There is a place where joy abounds
Feel the music deep inside you
Feel this song, let it lift you up

Come now, let the music take you
Let it touch your soul, let it fill your heart
Let the sound of my voice ease your sorrow
Let it out, let me lift you up

Come away from the depths of darkness
Feel the light shining down from above
Walk in the sun, with your eyes closed, joyful
Come with me, let me lift you up

You're not alone in feeling lonely
Not alone in the depths of pain
Not alone as you fight all the madness
Wondering how to get through the day
Not alone if worry 'bout money
Not alone someone near you has passed
Not alone thinking life is a struggle
Not alone can't get over the past
Not alone as you’re looking for answers
Not alone in wondering why
Not alone if you fear getting older
Not alone ‘cause you don't want to die