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'Why You So Crazy' is a story of the damaging frustration caused by a lover's crazy jealousy. Featuring a blistering guitar solo by Troy Lancaster, breakdown guitar licks by Dean Richard, and powerful organ track from Jimmy Nichols, the song is rockin' good fun and never takes itself too seriously.


Why You So Crazy

When we got it started
It was feeling good
We were doing great, I thought
We had everything lovers should
Then you started getting jealous
Wouldn't talk to me for days
And I wasn't doing nothing at all
To fuel that jealous rage
Why you so crazy baby
Why you so crazy baby? Why you so nuts?

Victoria Secret’s angels
Ain’t got nothing on you
You’re sweet and wild and oh so fun
I like your wing tattoo
Yes I sure do love the good times babe
But your dark side is showing through
Jealousy is an ugly thing
And it don’t look good on you
Why you so crazy baby
Why you so crazy baby? Why you so nuts?

Love is playing tricks on me
When it comes to you
One minute you’re the sweetest thing
The next, crazy as a loon

Why you so crazy baby
I’m trying to understand
You got to stop and listen
Let me be your loving man
You treat me nice, you’re good to me
Then accuse me of fooling around
If you don’t stop this jealous stuff
You’re going to bring us down
Why you so crazy baby, why you so crazy baby?