1. Soul On Fire
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A song about fighting through tragedy and depression, and the helplessness of aging.


Soul on Fire

A young man, barely 20 years old
Long dark hair and faded jeans
Walks down the street, bright green eyes filled with love
Then has a premonition something is wrong
Across town, his young lover's driving
Reliving fun they had last night
She doesn't see the car run the red light
Squealing tires, a crash, his love is gone

My soul's on fire
It's burning me up inside
I have to stay live with all of my choices
You can stand with me, or get out of my way
Stand with me, or get out of my way

I have my demons, but I keep fighting
I wrestle with them every day
Most days I win, I choose to live
At times it’s hard to make it through the day
Can't pay the rent
I live too fast
I drink too much
And I can't get over the past


I'm getting older and I want to stop time
But no matter how hard I try
The years keep rolling by