1. I'm Just Alive

From the recording Driving Through the Storm

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A story of someone living with regret.


I'm Just Alive

Remember back when we were hot for each other
The neighbors kept on pounding on the walls
You made more noise than a freight train coming
Felt like we were going over Niagara Falls

I never found a lover like you
I never loved like that again
Now I do what I have to do to survive
But I ain't living no more, I'm just alive I’m just alive

Your dad used to joke when he saw us together
Said we looked like we were joined at the hip
There were so many good times I can’t count them all
Before my fatal mistake when I let it slip


I regret it now every single day
I know how much I hurt you
Who knows what gets into a man when he does those things
What makes him do what he do?


Vamp to end