1. Take Me Home

From the recording Driving Through the Storm

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When the music's over, please take me home


Take Me Home
Dean Richard

Some say that life is made up of moments
The special ones that take your breath away
I've had my share but when it's said and done
Those moments come, and then they go away

When the music's over say a prayer for my soul
When the music's over please take me home
When the day is done and the sun is slowly going down
When the music's over (won’t you please )
Take me home Take me home

I could never get enough she was wild and free
Moments don't get better than the ones she shared with me
Love like napalm will take your breath away
Sticky burning hot, not fade away, not fade away


Life is made up of moments that take our breath away
But in between those moments don't forget to breathe each day