From the recording Driving Through the Storm

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A fictional story of an abused woman set free by fate and tragedy.


Driving Through the Storm
Dean Richard

Her old Chevy chugs down I-65
Trucks splash up rain as they pass her by
3 AM kids the kids are asleep in the back
She clutches the wheel, fights her tears back
He came home drunk once again
Knocked her down, then passed out in his chair
She watched the cigarette slip from his hand to the rug
Watched the ash glowing more and more, then more and more
When it became a flame she got the kids out the door

Now she's driving through the storm
All night long
Waiting for the dawn
Woh oh woh oh woh

It's a rainy day in Nashville
Water drips down their house' charred remains
He's at the burn center, Intensive Care
He can't remember her or how he got there
An eagle soars over the Ohio river
Flying high above the clouds
Raindrops are drying on her car windows
She has no past, just now
She doesn't know why or even how


She will go wherever
Her heart may lead her now

Chorus, repeat to end