1. Kathy's Song

From the recording Driving Through the Storm

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A song written about a lover from the past who died some time back, and I learned about it much later.


Kathy's Song

I just heard the news today
My old lover has passed away
Drank herself to an end they say
We shared such magnificent pain

Tonight I drink to you my love
Tonight I will remember you
That passionate love became my sweetest hurt
And I never got to say goodbye to you
hoo hoo hoo hoo You hoo hoo hoo hoo

Love can be like arsenic
When it gets into your blood
You don't die but it never leaves
Until your heart goes numb


All I can do is share a toast with the living
Have a drink with those who remain
She's making love now to someone in the afterlife
And I know damn well she's driving him insane
Like poison to the brain
Like that poison to the brain