From the recording Billionaire Blues

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This is a song about finding love, and realizing that instead of making you feel tied down it can actually feel like freedom. The song was originally recorded and released on the "Blood and Beer and Poetry" album. I've always like the lyrics, but I felt it should be slower, and with some different guitar tracks. Here's a revised version. Credits: Dean Richard - Lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, slide, bass Tracy Hannemann - Harmony vocals Dane Bryant - Synths Smith Curry - Lap steel Tim Grogan - Drums and percussion Coleman Murphy - Electric guitar Initial tracking session produced by Chip Hardy at NDS Nashville, then produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard in his studio.


It's in the air, it's blowing in the wind
Storm and lightning come to signal a change
It's in the blue sky, as the clouds are forming
Like a heartbeat telling me I'll never be the same
Along the road, I almost lost my way
Without love a man dies slowly
You took away the fear, you took away the pain
You taught me how to not be lonely

I hear the sound of freedom calling
It's on the wind, freedom's calling my name
I hear the sound of your heart beating
It's in my blood and I know I'll never be the same
No, no, I'll never be the same
Woh, oo, woh oo oh

Remembering that night up in the Rockies
I still can smell the cool mountain air
That sleeping bag was barely big enough for two
The ground was hard but we didn't care
Lying there with your head on my chest
Trying to count the stars in the sky
If could I could make time stand still just once
We'd still be there, you and I
I believe I found salvation
You saved my soul, and now I'm ready to fly
Freedom calling