1. Slow Dance

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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A romantic song about a couple who have been happy together for many years, celebrating their anniversary out to dinner, when their favorite song is played. Credits: Dean Richard – All instruments and vocals, including lead and harmony vocals, sax, electric piano, synth bass, strings, female vocals (virtual instrument), and drums. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


Put your hand in mine
Put down that glass of wine
Get up and move with me
Pull you close as close can be
Move your body to the music
Sway to the gentle sound
Slow rhythm, like a heartbeat
You can feel it with me now

We move so easily
So close I can feel you breathe
We found love to a slow dance
Such a sweet slow dance.

You were the one
I knew it from the start
And even now you still
Have my heart
We've been through so much
And it's still special when we touch
And all the times we shared
How you always showed you cared


Yes it's forever
You always were my only one
So tonight, a celebration
All our years have just begun
It's a slow dance
Such a sweet slow dance