From the recording Billionaire Blues

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A tongue in cheek song about losing someone and trying to drown your sorrows. Credits: Dean Richard - Lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, electric piano, synths Larry Beaird – Acoustic guitar Eli Beaird – Bass Troy Lancaster – Electric guitars Jimmy Nichols – Electric piano, organ Greg Morrow - Drums Initial tracking session produced by Larry Beaird at Beaird Music, then produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard in his studio.


The moon silhouettes the back of my head
As I stagger from my deck chair
Stars spin around in my eyes
I can't recall how I got there
I see her face, I hear her calling
But I know she's not really there
That's me, walking on water
I'm higher than the moon in the sky
I got no point, I got no answers
Hell no, I don't know why

I go under, come back up again
Gasp and take another breath of air
Water makes the moon shimmer at night
I'm too buzzed to know the why and where
I see her face in the reflection
But I know she's not really there


I'm still breathing I must be floating
I don't know how I got back to shore, go in once more