1. Where Do We Go

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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A song about trying to figure out how to make a difference, about coming together to solve problems. Credits: Dean Richard – All instruments and vocals, including lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, electric piano, organ, synths, bass, and drums. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


Out in the streets we barely get by
A daily struggle no matter how much we try
Sometimes you want to simply give up
When what you do is never enough

Oh, oh where do we go
Now that we know we're on our own
No one will care and no one will help
We have to make it all by our selves

When you can't trust what they say is true
You realize what you need to do
We have each other to lean upon
Now it is time for us to move on

Nothing but lies, no truth at all
They are taking our lives not caring at all