1. Old Sauk Trail

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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Reminiscing about the times when, as a young teenager, friends and I would gather in the woods or quarries for parties, Sometimes we had a few beers, other times just sit around and talk about how scary life can be. Credits: Dean Richard – All instruments and vocals, including lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, electric piano, synths, bass, and drums. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


Going back to the time we lived in fear
Everything was wild not free
We found our way in those backwoods days
No one else, just you and me
Take me down to the old Sauk Trail
Back to the woods at the edge of town where we can slip into the dark
See the moon shine through the trees
Leaves rustle with the cool fall breeze
The night is deep and stark

I must have been about 15
You were even younger still
It was our sacred place, our own safe haven
Where we could hide from the world
I'd smuggle some beer
We'd smoke a joint
I remember your laugh
And when you kissed me