1. She's Broken

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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Written during Covid when it seemed like there was so much division and animosity. A song expressing my hope that this country can fix itself. Credits: Dean Richard – Lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, electric piano, synths, bass Greg Morrow - Drums (recorded at Beaird Music). Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


She's broken, and it hurts me to see
Because I remember everything she can be
But now she is lost like a ship gone aground
And it's breaking my heart that she's down

Ask not what your country can do
Ask yourself if what you hear is true
Too many lies are taken as truth
And the damage is tearing us through
She's broken, it does not have to be
If we remember who she should be
We must turn from hate and the media lies
Cause that's how our freedom will die

The storm is raging and still growing too
So little time for what we must do
The waves are climbing and will toss us around
There is a way and it must be found