From the recording Billionaire Blues

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This song appeared on a previous album, but I wanted a version featuring the beautiful violin tracks. The song is for anyone who feels like they are losing hope, especially anyone feeling suicidal or depressed. Pass this song on, and hold on to hope! Credits: Dean Richard - Lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, triangle, drums Julie Thompson - Harmony vocals Tammy Rogers-King - Violins Jimmy Nichols - Piano, synth strings Danny Parks - Electric guitars. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


Sometimes it seems like the world has gone crazy
But keep your heart true
When those around you have all lost their way
You can find your way through

Hold on to hope
Hold on to hope
If you can't change the world then don't let it change you
And hold on, hold on, hold on to hope

When hatred and anger are swirling around you
Don't let them take you
When crazy people are all you can see
Close your eyes and be free

Hold on to hope
Hold on to hope
You can survive if you keep hope alive
So just hold on, hold on, hold on to hope

When you're in pain and the world seems insane
And there’s no one that you can turn to
You'll be OK, yes, you'll find your way
You can find strength inside if you do

Chorus 1
Hold on to hope, hold on to hope
Hold on, hold on, hold on to hope. (2)
Hold on to hope (4)