1. Fly Away

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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A song about daydreaming at work when performing a boring, repetitious job. Credits: Dean Richard - Lead and harmny vocals, electric guitars, slide, synth, and electric piano Larry Beaird – Acoustic guitar Eli Beaird – Bass Troy Lancaster – Electric guitars Howard Duck – Electric piano, organ Russ Pahl - Pedal steel Greg Morrow - Drums Initial tracking session produced by Larry Beaird at Beaird Music, then produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard in his studio


I'm in my head, leave the world behind
Life is not working out the way that I designed
Internal stimulus required when I am here
I can't stand the toxic atmosphere

I'm going to fly away, fly away
I'm so tired of being stuck here on the ground
I found my wings today and I'm taking flight
You can't hold me down no more
I'm going to fly, fly, fly away

Yes I need the money, I'm well aware
But reality bites and I don't care
I won't survive if I can't check out and leave
Why won't they just let me be


I work to make them money and it brings me down
All they do keeps me stuck here on the ground
I gotta leave, my soul yearns to be free
I have to go to my place of reverie, somewhere where I'm not me

I know they think I'm being out of line
But I need to find that happy place in my mind
I'm not here right now, I'm somewhere in my head
There's some place else I need to be instead