1. Halfway There

From the recording Billionaire Blues

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A whimsical song about watching TV as the news makes me feel like everything is crashing down around us. Credits: Dean Richard – All instruments and vocals, including lead and harmony vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, organ, synth, electric piano, bass, and drums. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dean Richard


Watching TV while the world collapses
Taking the time to just kick back
Armeggedon is bearing down now
The whole train has gone off the track

I got a lover and she's real cool
She makes the popcorn while I sit back on my chair
Edge of our seats as the end gets nearer / things get weirder
It's not quite over but we're halfway there

Today we saw that the west was burning
The south was drowning in a hurricane
Another war broke out but no one's learning
Does it really matter who's the blame


When I was a boy I lived on a farm
My dog followed me everywhere
I never dreamed the world could sink so far
Not much left, and we're only half way there

Repeat Chorus