1. Familiar Pain

From the recording Summer

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Familiar Pain

He lives on that barstool
Every night until close
Stares into his glass
What he sees there no one knows
Maybe he had it coming
Or maybe her feelings just died
But it's his only friend now
That emptiness inside

Familiar pain, familiar pain
The one thing he can count on
His old familiar pain, familiar pain

They both liked the needle
Until her old man died
Now her heart is like a knife wound
All hollowed out inside
Her face looks 20 years older
From everything she’s been through
She says someday she'll kick it
But we all know that isn't true

CHORUS (She keeps going to her old familiar pain)

Why does it call us back
The hurt that drives us insane
It feels like coming home
To an old familiar pain

(The one thing we count on, our old familiar pain)
(The one thing we can count on, our old familiar pain)
Familiar pain