1. Six Strings

From the recording Summer

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Six Strings

She didn’t go home with my best friend
He tried her once, I took her back again
Wants to keep her but I say no way
She belongs to me, that’s how it’s gonna stay

All I got is this guitar
And I know she won't make me a star
But I found true love and that's everything
Yeah, my love has got six strings, six strings

She ain't young and she ain't cute
Kinda beat up, if you want the truth
But she's true to me when the world is not
Best kind of love I ever got


Now some folks like the ones with twelve
And some like bass so they can play real deep
But I found the one that's right for me
And she's the one I'm gonna keep
She’s got six strings, six strings

She never slept with my best friend
Don't say honey I need money again
Don't come home drunk at 3 AM
After saying she was working late again
Six strings, six strings