1. Work Sucks

From the recording Summer

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Work Sucks

It's 6 AM the alarm goes off I have to get out of bed
I stagger to the bathroom, hold my hands around my head
That can't be me in the mirror looking back at me
But I wash my face and start to shave
Yeah, Monday's calling me

Work sucks, why didn’t I win the lottery
Work sucks, but you don’t own me
Work sucks

Dawn works at the front desk and I know she don't make squat
She has to work and save for every dime she's got
She smiles real nice and keeps her cool, she's sweet as she can be
But I know how she feels inside, yeah she wants to be free


All week long the time keeps dragging on
Every day seems like a year, until the weekend's finally here

I know I should be happy I even have a job
But I stay poor while they get rich and that's not my thought of fun
Every day’s a struggle, I’m trying to get by
So when the weekend comes, I spend it getting high