1. Summer

From the recording Summer

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Jimmy thought he'd go fishing in our old canoe
But it tipped right over when he reached back for his brew
He's standing in the water laughing, we're laughing too
‘cause he didn't spill a drop but he's soaked down to his shoes

I'm getting high all afternoon
1) Sitting by the lake, with nothing to do
2) Sunday by the lake, the grill’s goin’ too
3) Sitting in the sun, my guitar here too
Our friends are here and they're getting high too
We're getting high
It's summer, it’s summer

JC wants to get with Jenny and I think she likes him too
She laughs a lot, he's looking at her tattoo
I'm kicking back in my shades, just admire the view
You in your white bikini, the water shiny blue


You pass me a beer
Give me a little kiss
Turn up the music now
It don’t get better than this